Who we are

Our Mission

Our mission is to build more than structures; we build connections, we build futures. We believe that every community, regardless of its size or resources, deserves access to high-quality construction services.

Our Founder

Kian R Murray is the visionary founder behind KRM DesignScope Builders, a dynamic construction management company established in 2023. With a keen eye for both commercial and residential construction, Kian’s leadership has propelled the company to new heights in the industry. Known for their expertise in CAD blueprint drawings, KRM DesignScope Builders, under Kian’s guidance, consistently delivers innovative and high-quality construction solutions, making a lasting impact in many communities.

Community Engagement

We don’t just show up to a project, build, and leave. We engage with the community, listen to their needs, and involve them in the process. We understand that every project we undertake has the potential to create jobs, improve infrastructure, and enhance the quality of life for the people we serve.

Inclusivity Matters

Inclusivity is at the heart of everything we do. We embrace diversity in our team, partners, and clients. We actively seek out opportunities to work in underserved areas, empowering these communities through modern construction and blueprint designs.

Our Commitment

We actively seek projects in underserved areas, striving to revitalize and uplift these communities.

We invest in training and hiring individuals from these communities, fostering local talent and creating opportunities.

We collaborate with local organizations to ensure that our projects leave a lasting, positive impact.